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Before You Use SurveyMonkey…

With the proliferation of self-help sites like SurveyMonkey and FluidSurveys, our clients and associates ask whether it would be cheaper and easier to use them rather than invest in our services. Maybe, but consider these things first.




Help Leaders Ask, “How am I doing?”

360 Assessment.fwMost leaders just don’t have reliable feedback channels, the means to get consistent, comprehensive information to appreciate their impact on the people and business around them.




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Learn to survey and assess more effectively.

Sample Size Calculation

sampleHow many people should you ask to respond to your survey in order to be confident your data will reflect the opinions of the population? Figuring that out baffles even statisticians, but there are some simple ideas and tools available help.




Examples of Likert Scales

Awesome-pencilThe Likert scale is a common method for collecting information from survey respondents. Finding the right number of points to use and the correct terms for those points can be challenging. These examples may help.



Other Tools & How To’s