The Organization

Corporate Compass is a Division of Key Consulting Group Inc. Key Consulting Group operates from offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We also have associates across Canada. Find out more about us by clicking here.


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Attention: Randy Parkin, Partner/Site Manager
Corporate Compass/Key Consulting Group Inc.
33 Shannon Circle SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2Y 2K4


Phone: 403.607.9888

Toll Free: (888) 4KeyInc (453.9462)


Information This Site Gathers/Tracks

We collect aggregate information site-wide, including anonymous site stats. We may also log domain names and/or IP addresses. On certain pages such as the “Contact Us” page, we give users the option of providing us with names, email address, phone number, and other personal information. This more personal information is not gathered by us without advising users and only via their active participation.


Some of our web based applications (e.g. custom or off-the-shelf surveys and assessments) are specifically designed to gather individual and organizational information to support our own and our clients’ projects. Clients and respondents for these services are specifically advised as to the collection, analysis and intended use of this information. If you use these products for testing or sample purposes, you may be asked for basic identifying information.

Use of the Information This Site Gathers/Tracks

We review and discard the information in some cases (e.g. IP address logs for file transfers), while in others we may use the information to improve our web site, generate anonymous statistics, or to contact users via email or postal mail (e.g. to send our newsletter, notices and announcements, etc.). We will not share user contact information with any other third party.


We may share user contact information with our associates, but only for the express purpose of meeting the service requests made by a specific user. Contact and other information about our users might be temporarily “shared” with third parties that fulfill orders, verify credit cards, or process orders online. These off-site associates, assistants and fulfillment houses will be required to make no further use of such information, nor disclose it to others, just like our own in-house employees.


Information gathered through our web based applications is used to produce confidential reports for our clients. We may also use this information to generate summary reports and statistics. These reports will maintain the confidentiality of our clients and will not reference specific users.