What We Do…

We offer custom, cost-effective solutions for two types of data collection projects.


icon-surveyStakeholder Surveys – collect the opinions, attitudes or concerns of people who have an interest in your organization or group. You might ask…

  • Employees about their working conditions.
  • Customers about your service quality.
  • Citizens about important community issues.
  • Staff about their training needs.

icon-360360 or Multi-rater Assessments – collect feedback from observers regarding an individual’s behaviour or performance. You might assess…

  • The impact of a leader on followers and others.
  • The behaviour of team members as seen by their co-workers.
  • The performance of a CEO according to the Board of Directors.


How We Do It…

At each of four stages of a survey or assessment project, our expertise, service and technology will exceed your expectations and differentiate us from our competitors. Scroll down and click the + signs to learn about the steps to a great data collection project and see how we help.

Design & DeployDesignButton.fw

On-line tools are a great way to collect data. Do-it-yourself and off-the-shelf solutions seem helpful, but come with hidden costs and limitations. 


The sponsors of your project can count on us for…

  • Customization: Your needs and audience are unique. We help you ask your questions, your way, using branded tools.
  • Rapid Deployment: Your business moves quickly – so do we. We get your custom survey or assessment on-line, working, fast.
  • Low Cost: Off-the-shelf isn’t custom. Do-it-yourself has hidden costs. We deliver the value of customization, for the cost of off the shelf.

Here’s how…


Define Your Goals
Set Budget & Schedule
Turn Purpose Into Questions
Build the On-line Tools
Brand Everything

Collect DataCollectButton.fw

No sense asking if people don’t respond. For your investment in data collection you should get high quality and a high quantity of data. 


As we collect data on your behalf, count on us for…

  • Convenience: Your easy to use tools are available 24/7, on any device your respondents want to use, with help just an email or phone call away.
  • High Response Rates: Our clients frequently exceed 80% response rates for their surveys. For 360’s, 100% participation is our goal.
  • Data Security: World class technology and procedures ensure your data only goes where it should, and stays there.

Here’s how…


Target the Right Respondents
Prepare the Audience

Personalize the Contact

Support Respondents

Protect Your Data

Analyze & ReportReportButton.fw

Your data only becomes useful in the hands of decison-makers and action-takers who understand what it means, and appreciate what should be done about it.


Count on us to empower change agents with…

  • Practical Analysis: Our reporting highlights what is “practically” useful, rather than what is “statistically” significant.
  • Quick Turnaround: The faster you get the right data to the right people, the quicker things happen. We report on your schedule.
  • Confidentiality: Define an anonymity policy suited to your purpose and culture. We’ll help you honour it.

Here’s how…


Report for Action

Make It a Conversation

Report Quickly

Inspire Confidence

Protect Anonymity

Lead ChangeActionButton.fw

Rule number one is, “If you won’t act, don’t ask.” Even with the right data, change can be difficult. The quality of your leadership will be tested.


In support of your leaders, count on us for…

  • Debriefing and Facilitation: We can help you get key messages out and hear from those who matter to the change needed.
  • Change Management Expertise: We’ve been in the business of organization and individual development for 30+ years. 
  • Coaching: Change can reveal weakness, especially in those expected to lead it. We help leaders build competence and confidence for changing.

Here’s how…


Choose Your Path

Lead People

Support Change

Capture Lessons Learned

Refresh and Repeat

Let Us Help You…

Contact us to tell us about your data collection needs or project ideas. We’re always happy to talk about our work, and there is no charge for asking.