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When individuals become more aware of their own work style, and the preferences of others, they can use their style more effectively, or change it to get what they need. Discus Profiles draw on the industry standard DISC methodology to create advanced, informative, individual and team profiles packed with insight, and do it in a low-cost, efficient way.

Profiling Tools You Can Use...

Our scalable profiling services get you just what you need, from an individual profile, to team reports, to an on-line system you can manage yourself to deliver profiles across your organization.


A Personal Discus Profile offers powerful insight into the driving forces behind individual behaviour. Profile reports explore everything from inner motivation, to communication preferences and career directions. Each Discus Profile report includes:

  • Easy to read, relevant information
  • The DISC Profile Series—an “at-a-glance” view of an individual’s behavioural style
  • Text interpretations addressing traits, sources of tension, advantages and disadvantages


A Discus Relationship Report searches for important style factors in the interactions between two individuals. It highlights areas of synergy, and likely sources of conflict Explore relationship dynamics with:

  • A factor comparison highlighting key style differences, with potential implications
  • Two views of the relationship, one from the perspective of each of the parties, because each will see the relationship differently
  • In a team context, consideration of the impact if one party is the formal leader


A new extension of DISC theory allows for a unique team profile exploring the dynamics, roles, and relationships in any group of people. Use these insights to maximize team fit and potential. Each Discus Team Profile includes:

  • Overall description of the prevalent dynamics in the team, and tendencies in its structure
  • Breakdown of each team member’s personal approach to teamwork, and roles they play
  • Analysis of the formal leader’s impact on the team, leadership needs in the team, and members likely to emerge as leaders


Discus Job Profiles describe the ideal combination of behaviour needed to perform a job well. Candidate styles can then be tested against the profile to assess fit or training needed. Job profiling is made easy with:

  • Five different methods to develop job profiles with hiring managers or selection teams
  • Capacity to match candidate profiles to the job profile, highlighting individuals with potential and specific areas to explore during interviews
  • Detailed analysis of each candidate’s most relevant strengths and training needs


Discus is the most powerful, cost-effective, behavioural profiler available. It is packed with features and a useful tool in many key business activities. You will also find it economical because you:

  • Pay as you go, for only the profiles you need, and with no hidden costs or extras
  • Do it yourself with free software, our on-line services, or let us do the work for you
  • Have unlimited access to free services after individual profiles are completed, including relationship assessments, team profiles, and job matching

Our clients have needs just like yours…

Leader/Follower Development

Using Discus Profiles in leadership and followership training helps participants identify strengths and weaknesses in their work style, and become aware of habits or preferences that help or hinder them in their role. They use the their custom profiles to better focus their development efforts.


Team Building

Use Discus profiles in team building projects to facilitate deeper, more impactful discussions amongst team members regarding their individual roles and interactions, and the leadership needed by the team. The reports challenge team members to look at themselves and their team differently.


Relationship Building/Conflict Resolution

A Discus Relationship Assessment combines DISC profiles from two individuals to expertly explore how their work styles suggest they will interact with each other. In coaching or team building projects, work partners can clarify the dynamics at play in their relationship, then develop guidelines for working better together.

Need more information?

See Samples

Get a full DISC work style analysis, along with optional plain language sections that extend the analysis to critical workplace applications

Offer a simplified DISC analysis better suited for individuals seeking insights for personal development or career advice

Combine the work style profiles of team members to highlight team dynamics, roles of team members, and potential leadership issues

Examine the dynamics of a relationship from both individual points of view, showing how each might work better with the other

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Trainer, Consultant, Coach?

Use Discus Profiles to increase the value of your business offer. Deliver high quality, branded profiles and professional service up front with your clients, while we take care of the technical and administrative details in the back. And, do it at a cost you can’t beat with our competitors.


Our associates are already benefiting from features like these…


  • An on-line portal to manage your profiles, view reports and invite individuals to complete the Discus questionnaire.
  • On-line questionnaire completion to make profiling easy for respondents.
  • Profiles branded with your company name and contact details.
  • Respondent support and survey administration handled by people who do this as their full-time job.
  • High quality DISC profiles packed with information and insight.
  • Free access to Discus Team and Relationship reports to support your coaching and team building projects.
  • Technical and change management advice or guidance available to you when or if you need it.

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