Corporate Compass provides custom stakeholder surveys and 360 assessments. We work with our clients to…

  • design custom on-line tools to collect just the data they need;
  • administer data collection to maximize response rates;
  • analyze and report the data to facilitate decision-making and action; and,
  • offer coaching and consulting to support personal and individual change.

Web-based data collection is a must. 24/7 availability of your on-line tools, anywhere respondents can get an internet connection, is a great advance from the days when paper surveys were distributed by hand or through the mails. Today, you also need those tools to work well whether accessed via desktop computer, tablet or, increasingly, smartphone.


Our clients rightly ask why they should engage us for their data collection projects when self-help sites like SurveyMonkey seem to offer the same services – FREE! Everyone likes a deal, especially if your business is affected by the current economic conditions.

whynot.fwWe like these self-help services – nothing wrong with empowering the user. In fact, a Canadian company, FluidSurveys (recently merged with SurveyMonkey), has been our hosting partner for 3 years. We chose to work with them because their technology is world-class, and your data is stored in Canada, an important feature for some clients.


While these self-help services are good, that doesn’t mean they are the best, or even a viable option for your survey or assessment project. Any investment you make in your business must find the right balance between cost and value. And, “Free” is not always what it seems.


Before you sign up to a self-help site to do your survey or assessment, consider the value-added features you need, and the real cost of the service you’re getting.

The Value You Need…

A survey or assessment project isn’t really about the data collected. You seek data for a purpose, to improve your organization, or develop the people in it.


We’re proud of our technology, and have invested much over 20 years to learn how to use it to help you. But our real passion is facilitating positive change in individuals and organizations. We care as much that your project makes a difference, as we do about the technical bells and whistles we use to help you make that happen.


How much could your project benefit from these value-added features?


Custom Tools

Capable Advice

Respondent Convenience

Individual Anonymity

Data Security

You can get technology from services like SurveyMonkey, but you will not get the flexibility and insight needed to make it work as well as it could for you. We just include the features above in our services. Help like this isn’t an extra when you work with us – it’s the way we work.  

…For a Reasonable Investment!

So let’s get back to the feature that first catches your eye when considering an on-line service – it’s “FREE”. At first glance, that seems an attractive offer.


It is, if you can make do with basic tools and look only at the costs that show up on an invoice. As soon as your needs become a little more sophisticated, “free” turns into a monthly fee for a plan that includes added features. And there are there are other, largely hidden, costs to consider, costs that increase with the scope or complexity of your project. 


How much could these necessities or possibilities cost your project?




Design Bias

Project Delays


Routines and experience help us do key tasks faster, better, and with fewer errors. Objectivity and professional ethics drive our commitment to your success. We do the right things, for a reasonable cost. Clients who have tried to do it themselves before working with us tell us we save them money in the long-run.